All activities that develop as part of O4Z are done under four key areas of intervention namely:

  1. Capacity Development for Effective Citizen Mobilization and Participation,
  2. Active Research and Advocacy on Issues Pertinent to the Citizen
  3. Networking to Exchange Ideas and Promote Collaboration
  4. Developing Local and International Solidarity Networks

The programs below have been identified for the period 2012 - 2015:

1. Civic Participation for Good Governance and Sustainable Development

The program seeks to ensure that citizens are actively involved in the governance of their communities and country. This will ideally span from the selection of leaders through the electoral process to monitoring and being able to hold such leaders accountable to the citizens and electorate in terms of actual service delivery. An integral component is the wholesale participation of ordinarily marginalized social groups such as the youth, children and women. Our flagship Campaign, ‘Voting for Zimbabwe’ is premised on providing platforms for interaction of potential and existing public offices bearers and the electorate, with the intention to proffer debate on issue-based electoral participation and service delivery. 

2. Democratic Conversations for our Collective Future

The organization believes that dialogue is an important tenet for achieving sustainable development and building a culture of consultation and consensus building on important issues among citizens. As such, the O4Z takes a lead in organizing platforms for active engagement and dialogue between citizens from various facets and spheres of our society, with the view to proffer constructive debate around competent alternatives to steer community and national development. This includes conversations on pertinent national issues as well as community-specific matters that are of concern to citizens, as a collective as well as those pertinent to particular social groups.

3. Capacity Development for Mobilization

The organization will actively capacitate its network of activists and community organizations to be able to effectively mobilize and organize their members as well as citizens so that they are able to play an active role in the various developmental initiatives not only in their communities but the nation at large. Community-based organization play a critical role in community development as they provide the vital link between community members and their critical stakeholders including local authorities, central government, the corporate sector and development practitioners and institutions. This includes but is not limited to basic organizational development, leadership training and development as well as skills development, including the use of social media for effective dialogue, communication and information sharing. 

4. Information Generation, Documentation, Dissemination and Knowledge Production

Access to information is a vital component in the building and maintaining of a vibrant democratic culture and ensuring citizen involvement in development initiatives in any society. Informed and active participation in any process is therefore premised on access to correct and unbiased information. O4Z endeavors to make useful information available to the citizens through a wide range of media, suited to the wide cross-section of all citizens.  The organization values knowledge production that results from research initiatives as this helps to keep the citizens informed and better able to play their roles in community national development initiatives.

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