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Information Generation

The organization firmly believes in the power of information and knowledge in driving human development and as such takes great pride and effort in making relevant information available to the ordinary citizenry. O4Z also acknowledges the role that the media, including the social media is playing and the space it occupies in the exchange of information between citizens. It is against this background that O4Z has sought to be a leader in the use of social media as a tool for information dissemination. This has seen the organization making extensive use of the mainstream social media platforms currently accessible to Zimbabwe’s citizens, its diaspora as well as the broader global community, in facilitating dialogue and exchange of information as well as telling the true Zimbabwean story from an objective perspective. The initiatives around information dissemination include the packaging of specific organizational material for specific target group, most notable being the Youth Electoral Debates which were put on CD and DVD and then distributed in the particular constituencies that hosted each of the discussions, raising their relevance to the particular communities

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Ongoing Initiatives

In addition to running projects which have specific time-frames, the organization also runs a number of on-going initiatives which continue to make it relevant to the needs and aspirations of its envisaged target groups. These initiatives are alive and respond to the long-term goals of the organization, particularly its capacity towards building a critical mass of politically conscious young people who have the capacity to tackle the leadership challenges of today and indeed, of the future.

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