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What is a Constitution?

Zimbabwe ConstitutionA constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed.
~ Wikipedia

What is Constitutionalism?

Constitutionalism is the belief that a government should be based on a constitution. It extends to the adherence to or governance by a leadership according to constitutional principles

The full functionality and development of our society depends on the ability of citizens to fully enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms as enshrined in the constitution. It also depends on the state and citizens alike being able to meet their constitutionally prescribed obligations and meeting their responsibilities.

This can only be possible if both the citizens and their leaders are knowledgeable on the constitution, know the various provisions that speak to various facets of their lives and are able to claim their rights and freedoms as provided for. The state remains with the biggest obligation to ensure that citizens know their constitution and have an understanding of it. This should be complemented by other stakeholders including schools, civil society, the church, business and even within the family.

Useful Links and Resources:

The Zimbabwe Constitution (2013) (on Veritas)

National Constitutional Assembly 2001 Draft Constitution

The Kariba Draft (2007)


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